Automotive and mechanical engineering

Integration of Russia into world economy results in growing coopearation between Russian and international automotive and machinery manufacturers, including industrial assembly based on imported CKD and SKD components. Seamless and on-time delivery of materials and assembly parts is critical for steady, cost-efficient, and market oriented production process.

RUSCON has extensive background in cooperation with the leading Russian and international automotive and electronics producers. We deliver assembly parts in containers via ports of Russia and CIS, using own trucks and railway cars as well as inland teminal facilities. For transportation of big lots of CKD parts RUSCON arranges block-train based intermodal transportation or assigns dedicated fleet of trucks.

Our industrial customers pay utmost attention to uninterrupted supply of components and minimisation of dwell time costs of cargo at transit points. Thus RUSCON ensures through control of transportation chain from accepting cargo in port of loading till final point of delivery at factory. Along the whole route we update our customers on cargo location and ETA at destination.

Whenever our customers need interim storage of components before assembly we are able to offer it at our own or leased warehouses in Moscow, St.Petersburg and Novorossiysk. RUSCON ensures safekeeping of assembly parts at its facilities and picking necessary items from stock by order of shipper for delivery to production site.

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