Trade facilitation in China and South-East Asia

PRC and South-East Asia are among the most important trade partners of Russia, accounting for the major share of the country's container trade. RUSCON offers full scope of trade facilitation, consultancy and survey services there for Russian and international customers as follows.

1. Survey of goods before stuffing into container according to requirements of ISO 2859 Quality Standard

  • Container verification (damaged, punched leaking etc.) for carriage;
  • Inspection of each package contents and tally of goods' pieces inside;
  • Count of number of packages by goods specification;
  • Weighing of each cargo item (Gross, Tare weight);
  • Examination of goods quality against specification;
  • Inspection of package condition before loading into container;
  • Control of stowage of goods in container and sealing of laden container;
  • Checking of bar-codes readability.

Each operation is accompanied with detailed surveyor report, including full description of goods condition at the moment of survey and photographs of cargo.

2. Goods inspection before dispatch from factory (In-Line Check).

  • Visit of factory before production start and examination of assembly components (e.g. compliance of materials with the approved samples);
  • Final examination before goods dispatch.

All our staff speak fluent Chinese, are fully skilled and experienced in handling shipments from door in China. Our on-site control and support help reliably protect customers interests at very start of transportation chain and ensure smooth formlities and safe arrival at final destination.

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